What is Balayage?

With the Balayage technique the focus is on the hair length and endings. By using a combination of bright and dark highlights, the hair gains more depth and dimension. Based on the current hair color, we either work with permanent coloring or blond tinting to lighten single highlight. With our blending technique we create a beautiful coloring.
Depending on the desired result, an additional treatment with coloring at the hair base might be necessary in order to reach the right contrast.
Optionally the hair can also be dulled at the end in order to reach a more cool or warm color nuance.
Often the Balayage technique is mixed up with Ombré. With Balayage the highlights are a combination of high and lower highlights, which creates a more natural look. To the contrary, Ombre includes one color scheme at the same height and does not include different shades of coloring.

Appointments & Pricing & Kosten

The cost for Balayage is depending on the current hair color and technique used. For severely damaged hair, we recommend treatment with our star product Triniplexx. The current hair color is the basis for further procedures.
To ensure the best result, we discuss all necessary steps together.
Has the hair been treated before, it might be necessary to lighten the hair coloring several times. For already stressed hair, we only lighten the endings with Triniplexx in order to protect the hair from further damage.
In any case, we ask our clients to reserve enough time as additional product treatments will require more time.

Balayage Examples (Before – Technique – After)