Triniplexx our Star amongst hair care products

How it works …

• The intensive care mask stabilizes the  bridges in the inner part of the hair.
• It proactively prevents hair damage that can occur when other salon chemicals are used such as permanent waves, coloring or straightening.
• For already damaged hair Triniplexx repairs the hair structure and enhances the elasticity of the hair.

• Brilliant shine
• Optimizes elasticity & springiness of the hair
• Severely damaged hair will regain its strength again
• Free of Silicone, Phthalates, Aldehyd & Gluten
– without additional effort or time spent

The Triniplexx Complex

Blueberry extract nourishes the hair, improves the hair structure & reduces oxidative damage.
Arginine creates new bonds and buffers existing ones.
Pomegranate extract shields hair at the hair shaft.

3 Step-System of TRINIPLEXX

Step 1:
The FLUID, exklusive product for hair salons, is the first step to repair damaged hair fibers and bridges inside the hair. It can be used in combination with other chemical or non-chemical treatments typically offered in a salon. All products are perfectly harmonized and work in conjunction.

Step 2:
The MASK, exklusive product for hair salons, is the second step, which connects the bridges, built up by the FLUID earlier. At the Haar-Atelier we typically use the MASK after the chemical treatment as been washed off.

Step 3:
The SHAMPOO and the CONDITIONER are meant for regular use at home and is the last step of an optimal hair care. It should be used one or two times per week in order to increase softness, flexibility and a brilliant shine. Used in combination it also ensures the longevity of the salon treatments.


TRINIPLEXX is a unique and revolutionary salon treatment, which has been developed in a Swiss lab. It repairs damaged hair fibers and broken bridges inside the hair structure with ingredients sourced only from natural sources. Because of this technology, the TRINIPLEXX Complex, combined with the home care products, guarantees a long-term result, repairing and strengthening the hair from the inside out.

Like all other products from Trinity, TRINIPLEXX is completely natural and has been produced without animal testing (certified by PETA)


TRINIPLEXX can be used in combination with different chemical treatments, such as tinting, coloring, highlights, permanent waves, etc.

The result of this treatment is durable, repaired hair, provided that home care is followed as instructed.

It is free of Silicone, Sulfates, Phthalate, Aldehyden and Gluten. Based on its natural ingredients, the TRINIPLEXX complex penetrates the inner hair, repairing it successfully and naturally.

What Treatments are possible?

It can be used in combination with all chemical treatments offered in a hair salon, such as:

• Tinting
• Semi-permanent coloring
• Permanent coloring
• Base line blond tinting
• Blond coloring
• Highlights
• Balayage
• Chemical straightening
• Permanent waves

Can it be used with hair extensions?

Used correctly, TRINIPLEXX is perfect for any kind of hair extensions. This treatment is not only safe, but ensures an improved quality, nourishes the hair, gives brilliant shine and moisture.

Can TRINIPLEXX be used with KERATINE treatment?

Yes, while ensuring correct usage, TRINIPLEXX can also be used with KERATINE treatments. At our Haar-Atelier we have lots of experience and our team will ensure the optimum outcome with KERASILK CONTROL from the Goldwell product line.