... the UV nail lacquer you can strip off.

Welcome to the lacquer revolution of the year! This worldwide unique nail polish lasts up to 10 days, without any chipping and does not require any nail polish remover. As the name Striplac implies, it is simply stripped off your nails when you desire a different color.

Unlike with traditional nail polishes, when Striplac is removed, your natural nail is healthy and does not show any discoloration or damage.

This exclusive product is the newest technology developed by Alessandro International.

Striplac is easy to apply and dries even faster within 60 seconds under LED light.

Overview of benefits


  • Peels off fast
  • No need for nail polish removers like Aceton
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Drys fast within 60 sec. with LED light
  • A perfect, shiny nail polish until the last day
  • Resistant to scratches & does not splinter off
  • Protects & hardens your natural nails
  • Easy application